Our Strategy

MF Limited is focused on extracting value for stakeholders from assets that have fallen out of favour with public markets. We do this by analysing projects through a unique lens and apply stringent matrices to identify where the best opportunities lie. With any investment we benchmark this against all similar opportunities to pick the ones with the most asymmetric risk reward profile. This is based off optimised studies with conservative assumptions whilst in the background maintaining visibility to novel approaches and technologies which can lever the project into greater profitability.


With over 100 years in relevant experience across the mining value chain and equity markets our team is positioned to deliver superior returns and outcomes for all stakeholders.


It is not only the 100 years of experience we use to achieve operational excellence, rather it’s the industry contacts we have relationships with that allow us to leverage the knowledge and resources of an industry collective. For this reason, we work closely with tier 1 consultants, contractors, and domain experts to fully assess projects and deliver real results based off realistic plans.

Environmental Social Governance

ESG is not just a buzz word that MF Limited project as a form of virtue signalling. It is at the core of what we do and how we assess opportunities. Extractive industries have a poor reputation which is fueled by short term thinking which has been historically rewarded in public companies. We see this as an opportunity to do better and reap the rewards of the changing marketplace.

Environmental excellence is not only a pre-requisite for a license to operate, it creates numerous long term benefits and opportunities. It is a core tenet of the company to deliver industry leading results setting the stage for success after life of project as well as enabling the participation in future projects.


Investment into the social fabric of operations and community is one of the best investments a company can make. With any project the company considers investing in there is always the consideration of what happens at the end of project life to provide continuity for community and subsequent opportunities for the business.

With over 100 years of corporate experience in the group across a broad number of public markets our team is well versed in global best practice. Our core focus is around transparency, so all stakeholders are able to get contemporary information on operations, opportunities and subsequent outcomes.

Value Philosophy

Our core philosophy is to deliver superior value by assessing opportunities through a unique analytical lens. This allows modelling of an array of projects against a regimented sensitivity analysis which lead to a shortlist of the most fundamentally promising projects. We then apply our broad knowledge around execution and specific project risks. What we end up with are a small number of opportunities with the potential to generate tremendous value.